Baked Parmesan Asparagus


I made these delicious asparagus in a foil pack and baked them in the oven. Clean up was a breeze and the taste…..well I made them my lunch!

Click on the link below to see the step by step directions with pictures and a printable recipe card.

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  1. I’ve mentioned my barley-based lunches before. Over time, the greens part transitioned from broccoli to green peas (in sum, more fiber). And, as usual, different animal or fish protein, one or another hot pepper-ethnic seasoning, week to week. BUT – springtime – what we called back in New England “shoelace asparagus” rolls into markets. A no-brainer to swap in that freshest spring-green taste. Cut into pieces that fit a soup spoon, it has been the usual early green season delight.

    • Asparagus is amazing and I bet really great with your barley-based lunch! My asparagus has some that are getting old and they are getting pretty thick. But the new shoots keep coming which are the perfect size. I still eat the larger pieces and they are great for soup. Thank you I found your comment interesting!

  2. If I liked asparagus I would try. I know people say it tastes different when cooked. But I tried it once before and hated it and now I’m not even up for it lol.

    • I use to hate it also. Then I started adding herbs, cheese and wait for it……..BACON! Now I think it is amazing! Also if it is overcooked and mushy it tastes nasty. It’s one of those things that has to be cooked right and seasoned right then it’s delicious!

    • Yes it really is and you can fix whatever amount you want. Just sprinkle on whatever amount of salt, pepper and parmesan cheese you want for taste. I am a salt addict so I used 1 tsp. Thanks!

  3. This is our family’s favorite holiday dish. We LOVE it. I never thought they would like asparagus, I didn’t until I was 40! But everyone of them have loved it since they were kids. Thanks Diane!

    • That’s so funny because that’s about the age I was when I started liking it. When I was a kid my dad knew the spots for wild asparagus and it was fun hunting for them and mushrooms.

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