Dehydrated Peeps


Did you enjoy eating Lucky Charms as a kid? Do you enjoy eating Peeps? How about marshmallows toasted over a fire? If you answered yes and have a dehydrator or oven, you have to try these! I have dehydrated small marshmallows before but never Peeps. I keep seeing posts about how delicious these are. I know I like to munch on small dehydrated marshmallows to help with a sweet craving, after all, marshmallows are fat free so that must make it OK right?

Click on the link below to get the directions to dehydrate them.

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      • They are sweet after you’ve had a couple – I haven’t had them in a few years and my mom would say “how can you eat those?” Yet when she quit smoking, she bought the jumbo marshmallows, stuck them in the freezer and popped one in her mouth frozen to stop the craving. My mom used to like the toasted coconut marshmallows, the jumbo size, and I’d get them either for Christmas or Easter – I’d get them at CVS, never saw them in any other store. They were good too, but sweet.

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