Easy Microwave Butter Potatoes


These potatoes are easy to make and so delicious! A great side dish when you’re in a hurry or just want potatoes that taste good. My mother in law loves whenever I make them for her. Whether you are a beginner cook or have been cooking for years, anyone can make these simple potatoes.

Click on the link below to see the step by step directions with pictures and a printable recipe card.


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    • They really are Lisa. I like to change them up by adding different herbs, paprika, garlic powder etc. This recipe is the basic recipe and you can make it your own from there. Thank you Lisa!

    • You’re right about basic. I then change them up with paprika or garlic powder or herbs. Same recipe with an added flavor tastes like a completely different potato. You are very welcome!

  1. YUM! <3 These are perfect. We have those veggies in a bag quite often when we are making meals but don't have time (or don't feel like) messing with the side dishes. Will have to try these potatoes out. Sounds heavenly. 🙂 Thanks Diane!!

      • I thought so Diane from various things you’ve said in your posts. Are you/your family having a big celebration for her 90th birthday?

      • Just a get together at a restaurant with friends. She doesn’t know it. Neither of her sons want to do anything and I’m not taking on their duties, I have enough of my own. SO I will go to a simple lunch surprise with friends she hasn’t seen in a while and the “boys” aren’t invited!

      • Good for you Diane – she will be happy and less mess for you. She’ll be surprised with seeing all her friends from long ago. That sounds nice – there should be some recognition for reaching that 90-year milestone.

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