Fruit Infused Alcohol


With the holidays on their way I thought I would share a post from last year that I just updated when I made Fruit Infused Vodka. Now just imagine making a mixed drink with vodka that has been infused with cherry, blueberry, pineapple, strawberry……well you get the picture. These make for a great Christmas gift too. They are made in less than a week and last a very long time. Check out the link below for step by step instructions on how to make this simple Fruit Infused Vodka.





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  1. Boy does that bring back memories. My next door neighbor would make quarts of cheery cordials. She would buy cheep vodka when her cherries would ripen. Then she would add a little sugar and almond to the vodka and pour it over the quarts of cherries. Seal them and put them in her fruit cellar. When her lady friends would come over to help her hand quilt, she would serve the cherry cordials. They would get drunk and just giggle. By the time January would roll around all of it would be gone. She would sterilize the jars but I don’t remember if she water bath the sealed jars. .

    • What fun and great memories! I use to make Cherry Bounce with sugar, vodka and cherries then put cheesecloth over the top and loosely put the lid on so the gas from fermentation could escape. Then I set it outside in the sun. When it stopped bubbling it was ready. I never canned mine either. Just bottled it up in clean bottles….so good!

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