Easy Mirror Craft


No it’s not food but for those that follow me know that I work with adults that have developmental disabilities. My clients love to make crafts and they don’t have a lot of money so I search the web and get ideas of what they can make for cheap. This mirror was only $4.00 to make and we bought the items at the Dollar Tree store (everything is $1.00). It is a mirror, 2 packs of clothespins and sequins. My client already had the glue. She is going to put a candle on the mirror and set this on a table. http://www.InDianesKitchen.com


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  1. I LOVE Dollar Tree! I hate when I go into a place like Dollar General and I see something that cost like $2.99. I want to say, “Get the manager out here NOW!! What is this place called?? Price this item appropriately!!” 😡

    • I am so glad I’m not alone! I remember the first time I went into Dollar General thinking the same thing. I never shop there because of it. I love the Dollar Tree. Especially for greeting cards, most are only .50!!!

  2. Really nice project. You can get so many things for crafting from Dollar Tree. It’s also great to pick up snacks for my grand niece.

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