Artisan Salad


What is an Artisan Salad? Have you ever bought Artisan Lettuce? Mine came with three different types of lettuce: Sweet Gem, Tango & Oak.

Sweet Gem lettuce is subtly sweet and not bitter. Tango Lettuce has a flavor described as tangy. Oak lettuce has a mild taste and is tender. Use whatever type of lettuce you like or make your salad using them all.

Artisan lettuce comes attached to the clump at the base and needs to be cut off before using it and the lettuce should be rinsed before making your salad.




What a great variety of color and taste!




Below is the Artisan Salad recipe I made for my husband.



On a plate, place whatever type of the lettuce that you prefer.

I used two types of the lettuce but you certainly can add all three kinds.

Next I added croutons and grape tomatoes sliced in half.



My husband loves red onion so of course I added that and

I put a whole grape tomato in the center just to be fancy.



Last I sprinkled on some shredded cheddar cheese.

My husband topped this delicious Artisan Salad with

my homemade Buttermilk Ranch Dressing… below.


Artisan Salad



  • 1 container Artisan Lettuce
  • 4 grape tomatoes
  • 6 large croutons
  • 1 slice red onion, segments cut in half and separated
  • 2-3 Tbsp. shredded cheddar cheese
  • Your favorite salad dressing


  1. Cut the Artisan Lettuce from the bottom clump. Rinse the lettuce and pat dry with paper towel.
  2. Place the lettuce on the plate.
  3. Slice the grape tomatoes in half.
  4. Place tomatoes, croutons and red onion on the lettuce.
  5. Sprinkle with the cheese, top with your favorite salad dressing and serve.


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  1. Pretty! I really prefer, even on a daily basis because I eat a lot of salads year round, to have pretty composed salads that are also colorful. Why not?!!

  2. Hello. How are you today? Haven’t chatted with you in a while. This is my favorite kind of salads. I don’t buy anything but the Artisan lettuce, I tend to put more Arugula in mine. I will try your salad maybe tonight. Annarose.

    • Hi Annarose! I’m doing great! This was the first time we have bought Artisan Lettuce and my husband loved it! He eats salad every day. I can’t believe how much is in the container and how long it stays fresh!

  3. This looks good Diane. I was tempted to return to the bagged salads after a very long time, and if they didn’t have another romaine lettuce issue again yesterday. I bought some baby romaine lettuce about a year ago, and it was called “living lettuce” and it had roots on the bottom of it, in a plastic container. I don’t think this is the same concept as you describe having to cut off the bottom.

    • Thanks Linda! No these didn’t come with roots. They were almost like celery comes. It was a really nice lettuce and is packed full in the container!

      • I would like to try that then Diane. I had a canary at the time and they could only eat romaine lettuce (iceberg has too much water in it) … I stopped buying bagged salads, switched to the Andy’s tall romaine cones and they had so much dirt that I worried about contamination for him. I bought one of those natural lettuces and it had mildew. I will try that – still leery to eat romaine as there were two more issues the other day even though they say that the Yuma, Arizona lettuce is no longer in season there.

      • These were so clean I debated on rinsing them, but I did. It would be great for birds too! I don’t blame you about the romaine lettuce!

      • I would do the same as there might be some pesticide residue on them. I think a lot of people will be turned off romaine lettuce for a very long time.

  4. It’s good to be able to find a choice of greens. This does not correspond to my idea of artisanal, since for me, that would be the opposite of industrial, mass produced. Having fresh, varied greens is one of the main things I appreciate about having a garden. This is the best month for tender lettuce. 🙂

    • This is the first year my husband didn’t plant lettuce…no idea why. We will be picking strawberries and Swiss Chard today. I love growing many herbs, fruit and vegetables as well. I agree, nothing better than garden produce! Thank you djdfr!

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