French Fry Maker Review


We have used this Progressive International Corp French Fry Maker for years. It will cut your French Fries thick or thin, it comes with two sizes of blades and is very easy to use. Clean up isn’t bad if you rinse it off right after you are done cutting the potatoes. It is very safe & easy to put the blades in and they are still sharp after all these years. You can also use this French Fry Maker to cut vegetables like zucchini, carrots, cucumbers and even cheese but I have only used it for making French Fries.



This is my French Fry Maker with the two blades.

The plastic pieces on the bottom push the potato through the blades.



You place your potato in and push down on the handle….that’s it!



The fries are always cut completely and ready to cook.



If I had to say something negative about this cutter, it would be that the length of the cutter only cuts your fries about 3-1/2” long. Now, for me, this isn’t a problem other than some potatoes are larger and I need to cut the ends off or cut the very large potatoes in half. You can buy larger cutters which would make longer fries and cost a whole lot more but why? These sell for around $18.00 at Wal-Mart or Amazon.

I am not compensated for my opinion in this review.

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  1. Je découvre cet appareil, moi le français qui coupe mes pommes de terre manuellement 😉 Chose amusante, ma soeur s’appelle Diane…
    Un blog très agréable que celui-ci. Bravo.

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