Clothespin Cross Craft


Isn’t this this coolest pattern! This was an easy & cheap craft to make with only two ingredients! I helped my autistic client make this cross (In Diane’s Kitchen) with only clothespins and wood glue! I think I saw this on one of my Dollar Store craft Facebook pages.  My client bought the clothespins for $1.00 and then the glue. I didn’t have instructions but it is so easy to just place the clothespins like the picture below. After it was all glued together I put a thin layer of glue on the back of the cross for extra strength and it was very sturdy. We used Gorilla Wood Glue and it worked perfectly!



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  1. Love the craftwork and for some unknown reason I’m a fan of clothespins. No idea what I might ever make; but, the craft is a gas.

  2. are you in England or America Diane? I rather suspect now you are USA so that means I have no readers yet from England. I do love your blog and have used some of your recipes to success. Dealing with creation in the kitchen I love too but being an historian is my first love. Now I have some 40 USA readers Ill try to add some articles of mystery on your nation too. Your not short on case files that amaze. It is only fair I do. In fact take in the world as in one I researching toady is Greek and modern and one of the biggest cases around. Unknown by billions it should astound many readers. thank you for reading mine I love yours too..

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