Cuisinart Smart Stick


The Cuisinart Smart Stick is an immersion blender. This particular Cuisinart Smart Stick is as basic as they come and one of the cheaper Cuisinart Smart Sticks they sell, however, being a Cuisinart it is still top quality in my opinion. Amazon sells these starting around $35.00 and up depending on what you are looking for.

I have used mine to make smoothies, soups, mayonnaise……etc. You can put the blade right into a hot pot of boiling soup while it is cooking on the stove. Blending the soup slightly will thicken up the soup base. I also put the blender into a tall glass with frozen fruit and other ingredients to whip up a frozen smoothie in seconds.


There are two parts to this immersion blender, the top half that cannot get wet and the bottom half that can get wet. The black button at the top of the left picture is the power button and where you hold on to the blender.


There is ony one blade and it is very sharp. It is tucked up in the protective metal casing at the bottom to prevent getting cut. It can be a little tricky cleaning the blade because it is all one piece. I found that by rinsing immediately after using it makes this job very easy. I have even put it in my soapy dishwater and turned it on to clean it. This gadget gets a thumbs up from me.

Now for the funny part about my review of this product. I took my pictures first and sat down to write my blog. I wanted to see how much amazon sold them for now because I have had mine for a few years now. I looked at the label on my picture to see the specifications of my blender. I blew up the picture to read the fine print and what does the label say? Remove before using! I can’t tell you how many times I have used this over the past 3 or 4 years and never took off the label!

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  1. I have an immersion blender. I don’t know the brand, but I have a lot of different blades. For awhile I was using it all the time. But then I got my super blender and I started using it. I need to get back to use them both!

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