Troyer Genuine Trail Bologna Sandwich


One of the reasons we drive to Amish country twice a year is so that my husband can get Troyer Genuine Trail Bologna. According to their website at, Troyer Genuine Trail Bologna was created by an Amish man named Troyer in 1912 in the town of Trail, Ohio.

The Troyers are in their 4th generation of running this business. They continue to use hickory to smoke the delicious Trail Bologna and can smoke four tons of bologna in two hours! Their bologna is shipped all over the nation but it wasn’t until 2012 that they were allowed to do so. Before 2012 people had to rely on Ohio friends and family to buy the bologna and ship it to them in another state in order to get it. Although their equipment has changed over the years, their recipe has not.

Since this sandwich is one of my husbands favorites, he has prepared and taken all the pictures of his masterpiece!


The first thing he does is fry the trail bologna in a non stick pan over medium heat without any grease. He said there is enough grease in the bologna to do the trick. That way the bologna will get the brown caramelization and flavor he enjoys.


Melt one tablespoon of butter in the pan and brown the inside of the bun.

Next he adds onion, pickle and mustard.

You can add any of your favorite condiments to your sandwich as well.


Then his masterpiece is complete

Troyer Genuine Trail Bologna Sandwich



1 thick slice of Troyer Genuine Trail Bologna

onion, to taste

dill pickle slices, to taste

mustard, to taste

1 large bun, sliced in half

1 Tbl butter


In a non stick frying pan over medium heat with NO oil, fry bologna until lightly brown.

Remove bologna from the pan and melt butter. Put the inside of the bun halves on the hot pan giving them a golden toasted crust.

Place the bun on a plate with the bologna and add onion, pickle and mustard or your favorite condiments.

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  1. OMG! Almost fainted.
    Need details, how thick is the bologna slice? Onions, raw? Sweet? Pan fried?
    Most importantly, what kinda bun?
    Inquiring minds wanna know?
    Hats off to your husband’s genius. 🙂
    Aloha from SPAM Land (land of the SPAM musubi). Hee hee.

    • He slices his pretty thick. Like 4 pieces of store bought thick bologna. Raw onions, dill pickles and pan fried with no breading. Your favorite hearty great tasting bun. Really, any way you would like it best. No right or wrong way. Not sure if Spam cooks differently than this trail bologna, may need oil or butter so it doesn’t stick????

  2. Yum! My kids all think i am crazy because I like fried bologna sandwiches, but I am a Florida Cracker and when we were growing up it was considered a real treat. This looks so good.

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