Proctor Silex Grille-Sandwich Maker


I have to share my favorite sandwich maker with all of you! Years ago when I filled up my car, the gas station use to accumulate points by how many gallons of gas you bought. After so many points were achieved, you could look at their catalog and send for free products. Completely free, even the shipping. Boy do I miss the good old days. This Proctor Silex Grille Sandwich Maker was one of the items I sent for.

I was completely shocked at how perfectly it makes any kind of grilled sandwich! Yes you can make it in a pan just as good, but this cooks both sides at the same time and cooks them perfectly! It also will make 1-2 sandwiches at the same time. It heats up and cooks my sandwich really fast. It is as easy as can be to clean it up. Just wipe it off with a soapy dishcloth, then a rinsed dishcloth and dry.

When this dies (I’ve had it for about 20 years) I will definitely invest in another one. Even after all these years they still sell this one for around $20.00 on Amazon.


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