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Do you have a garden? Produce and herbs are so expensive in the store so why not grow your own? In the picture above, the back row from left to right is sage, basil, thyme and Swiss chard. The front row is tarragon, parsley, blueberries and sugar snap peas all harvested from our garden.

We have six different herbs (I didn’t cut the chives) that grow in one 3′ x 3′ raised bed in our garden. This was only one harvest from such a small area so think how much I harvest the entire growing season! This was the 3rd harvest so far this year from the herbs. Herbs also grow great in flower pots, one plant per pot. The herbs will be dehydrated in my dehydrator. Then I will crumble them and store them in air tight containers for use for the next year.

I also have two blueberry bushes. To keep the birds away I put four steel posts in the ground around my bushes. I take aluminum pans and tie a string through them and tie it to the post. The pan is bright and shiny in the sun and it bangs against the steel posts in the wind to scare the birds. I also pick my blueberries every day before noon. This has worked for me for over twenty years. The blueberries will be rinsed and then I let them sit on the counter for a day to finish ripening. My blueberries are not the sweetest variety. They are a little bit tart and I use them primary for baking. I put them in a bread bag and then a freezer bag to use until they are gone! They tend to go fast because my granddaughter eats them in a bowl right from the freezer! She loves tart or sour food.

The sugar snap peas I eat raw right from the garden like chips. One of these days I will cook them.

Swiss Chard I like cooked like spinach and with vinegar. I also like Creamed Swiss Chard.

Next up is tomatoes, peppers, okra, cucumbers and green beans. We have already harvested rhubarb, asparagus, lettuce and strawberries. Just think about what it would have cost to purchase all of this! We know there are no chemicals on our harvest, totally organic! So go ahead and give it a try and grow some of your own food. It is so rewarding!


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  1. My family has a garden, a crab apple tree, and we just started growing hops! And believe it or not, it’s a very small backyard that we grow in 🙂

    • Hi Jess! Wow good for you! Hops is one thing I have never grown and I’ve tried a lot of different things. You are proof it doesn’t take a huge yard to have a productive garden! It just amazes me how much food you get from a garden. I have a crab apple tree also but I have never used the crab apples for anything. Do you use yours for anything?

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