Bone Marrow

Todays blog is not going to be a recipe, although it is something I had to eat just yesterday. When you or your Mom made a roast and there was a bone in the meat with a soft center, did you know you can eat that fatty looking stuff in the bone? Don’t say yuck until you have at least tried it…..I use to tell my kids that all the time…lol. It is the most flavorful part of the roast as far as I am concerned. It also is probably the healthiest part of the roast. Bone Marrow is a high calorie and high fat, about 96%, and has so many health benefits according to Livestrong states the health benefits from eating Bone Marrow include building immunity, repairing wounds, helping with digestion and even fighting cancer. You don’t think I’m so crazy eating it now right? Livestrong stated that the Chinese use bone to support kidney and digestive functions. Bone Marrow contains the foundation for growing red and white blood cells. These cells are what build immunity, assist with blood clotting and helps get oxygen to the cells. Below is a picture of the cooked roast bone with the Bone Marrow inside. I used a spoon and scooped out all that deliciousness!


Have you ever heard of bone broth? I made bone broth a few month ago. Talk about healthy! It is about a 3 day process to make bone broth. You cook it in a slow cooker for days. You actually take a hammer and smash the bones open releasing all the marrow into the broth. I saved all my Vegetable scraps and they went into the broth too. Everything was strained after days of cooking and all that was left was the richest, tastiest and healthiest broth you could ever ask for. Below is a picture of my bone broth after it was finished and ready to eat. I bagged my Bone Broth up and put it into the freezer. It can also be canned.


Look at that rich, delicious looking color! This is about as good as it gets! So whether you have had Bone Marrow or Bone Broth before or not, now you know the health benefits. Don’t be afraid to give it a try and remember that Bone Marrow is considered a delicacy in many different cuisines!

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