Dandelion Greens Salad

Yes you read it right! I went into my backyard and picked myself some fresh Dandelion Greens and made a fabulous salad. My husband was chicken to try it! I added mushrooms, bacon, tomatoes, my home grown dried basil, salt, pepper, croutons and Italian Dressing. I don’t have pets, so I just rinsed it good and it was ready to eat. Did you know that the entire dandelion is edible, root, stem, greens and the flower? Have you ever tried them? I have made and eaten the flowers in muffins and they were very good. I haven’t tried the dandelion wine or dandelion jelly yet but I heard they are very tasty. Think about it, most of lettuce we eat was probably weeds at some point in time until somebody realized they taste good, now we plant them in our garden. The dandelion greens have a bit of bitterness to them. I think they would be really good fixed like a the wilted lettuce salad and I may try it that way some time too. You can fix dandelions many ways like salads, eat raw, put in casseroles or even sautéed in oil. They are very low in calories and are packed with calcium, vitamin A and vitamin C. So run out to your pet free, chemical free yard and grab yourself a free salad like I did!



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