Sexing Green Peppers

How many times have you seen the post about the sex of Green Peppers on Facebook? It showed a picture similar to mine above. The post stated that three lobes mean it is a male Green Pepper and four lobes a female Green Pepper. It stated that the female Green Peppers are sweeter and better for eating raw while the male is better for cooking. Well I too fell for that one. According to research you can not tell the sex of a Green Pepper by counting the lobes. The flower of the Green Pepper has both male and female parts making them self pollinating. This means that Green Peppers do not have a gender. They also claim the female Green Pepper has more seeds. However, since they said the female was the four lobe pepper, it was larger than the three lobe pepper making more room for more seeds to grow. The number of lobes has nothing to do with taste, only the variety of Green Pepper does this. So if you fell for this myth, join the club, so did I until I did some research.

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