Bacon Grease

How many of you save your left over Bacon Grease? Do you remember your Grandma or Mom having a tin coffee can sitting on their stove that they just kept pouring the Bacon Grease into? They knew they had something good and they used it! After all, it has so many benefits. It’s free, all natural, has incredible flavor and can be added to most any dish that needs to be cooked. Add it to eggs, potatoes, veggies, meats, for greasing pans and so on as the possibilities are endless. It will change the taste of your food in an amazing way.

Saving your Bacon Grease is very easy. After you cook your delicious bacon and remove it, let the grease cool down for about 15 minutes. The next step can be done in two different ways. If you will use your Bacon Grease within a week or two, just pour the cooled down grease and all the bits into a container. If you are not sure you will use it by then, strain the Bacon Grease through a coffee filter or cheesecloth. I have even used paper towel. The reason you have to use it quicker when you leave the bits in is because the bacon bits will cause it to go bad much faster than if you strain it. If you look at the picture above, notice how creamy white the Bacon Grease looks. That is because I strain mine.

To store your Bacon Grease, I recommend putting it into a glass jar with a lid such as a mason jar. I used a plastic container in my picture but if you’re not careful, and your grease is too hot, you can melt the plastic. Even with glass, make sure your grease has cooled down enough so you don’t crack the glass. I keep my Bacon Grease in the refrigerator just to be safe. I remember my Grandma leaving it out on the stove and never refrigerating it. I have heard people do it all the time so it’s up to you. I am not willing to chance it going bad and making us sick. It doesn’t take up that much room in the refrigerator. It is so easy to scoop out a spoonful and use it right from the refrigerator. If you have a lot of Bacon Grease you can even freeze some for later. Place a sheet of waxed paper on a tray and drop dollops of firm Bacon Grease all over the tray. Cover the dollops with another sheet of waxed paper and place into the freezer. Once frozen, drop the dollops into a freezer bag and just take out whatever you need when you need it. Give it a try and start with just your next pound of bacon, that’s how I got hooked!


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  1. Anyone who tosses out bacon grease after the baconing is a Communist.

    How can you possibly caramelize onions, fry eggs, and blanch spinach without bacon nectar? It cannot be done. Don’t talk to me about butter, butter is the poor man’s bacon grease.

    I only have one question: What is the secret to makin’ bacon in the oven without having to scrub the damned oven walls every month? That shit really flies…and I’d rather have it tucked safely away in a container in my fridge, ready for a sharp cheddar-n-baby-spinach omelette. Is there an inexpensive solution, one that doesn’t involve Amazon Prime?

    (chews bacon thoughtfully)

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