Did You Know – Ramekins

Have you ever heard the word Ramekin and wondered what it is? These are my Ramekins and we use them all the time. Below are some interesting things about the Ramekin.

  1. The term Ramekin is derived from the French Ramekin meaning a cheese or meat based bowl in a small mould.
  2. They are typically sold in 2 oz. – 12 oz. in size.
  3. Ramekins come in porcelain, ceramic, tempered glass and other materials.
  4. Most are dishwasher, oven, broiler, microwave and freezer safe.
  5. It is the most used dish for making one of my favorite desserts, Crème Brûlée.
  6. Perfect for individual servings of nuts, candy and dips for guests or for portion control for yourself.
  7. For breakfast they are used for soufflés and baked eggs.
  8. They are perfect for a singe serving of a pot pie or even soup.
  9. Just the right size for custards and pudding too.
  10. Melted chocolate, in Ramekins, is great for dipping fruit like strawberries so need to worry about double dipping.

There are literally hundreds of things you can use these little bowls for, just use your imagination!

Do you use your Ramekins for something other than what I have mentioned, if so what is it?


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  1. Cottage cheese,Tuna fish, lemon juice blackpepper .Mix in bowl .No cooking neded. Fill four Ramekin dishes with mixture and serve at cocktail time . I started this off in my first garden party with brick oven baked chicken and thick link sausage

  2. When I hear the word “ramekin”, I immediately think of two things: Home Economics class in high school – we had to measure all ingredients perfectly into small ramekins to get good grades. And it also reminds me of Crème Brûlée … I prefer the latter!

  3. Before I got to #5 on your list, I was about to say these are crème brûlée bowls. 😆 Now I know the name for them. And I’m craving a crème brûlée now.

    Happy Columbus Day to you! We’re celebrating Thanksgiving over here.

    • I wonder why they called them that? Now I have to Google it. Oh how funny, it says Kings put some of their food in the dish and fed it to the monkeys to make sure the cooks didn’t poison the food. Thank you for teaching me something new today Ted!

  4. They are handy-dandy. My mom used to make custard in ceramic ramekins just as you said you do. And we had some oblong ceramic dishes, not much bigger than the ramekins and my mom used to make small pies in them, mostly meat pies, but fruit pies too – like you said, they are good for portion control.

  5. I have a couple and use them for eggs in the microwave to put on egg mcmuffins. I have never made creme brule, but I do love it.

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