Baked Corn On The Cob

I never knew Corn On The Cob (Sweet Corn) could be cooked so many different ways. I saw this way on Food Network and I thought I would try it, I’m definitely glad I did!

Tear off the silk just from the end of the cob. I did this because I was afraid it would make a mess after it cooked or it may have burned. It cooks with the husk on and peels easily after it cooks.

Set the corn directly on the center rack in a preheated 350º oven for 30 minutes.

Carefully remove the corn from the oven and let it cool slightly.

Peel and serve.


  1. This never even daened on me to cook corn this way. I’ve had it on the grill, but it was peeled and cleaned first. This looks really good. I bow to you, my Lady.

  2. That bi-colored sweet corn looks delicious and what a unique way to cook it. After we got the microwave, my mom said “look, we can microwave the corn on the cob, no more boiling it!”

      • I have to take a ride in the country – the construction is ongoing on every one of the streets I go to my favorite parks. They were starting a big construction project on Monday, lasting til Fall of 2024 so I decided to go yesterday – barriers were already in place and so navigated around those – grrr, then go to the park and they had a carnival – nowhere to park except spend $10.00 and “no parking” signs on the street, so I went somewhere else. Maybe I’ll do another post end of Summer on the roadside stands like I did before. And I went to Emily Frank Gardens looking for sunflowers – two bedraggled ones, that was it. Found some in a park instead, but not the huge ones.

      • How frustrating that must have been that you couldn’t even take a walk without paying to park. It seems like they are planting the shorter sunflowers more and more. I know when our bird seed blows off the feeder and a sunflower plant grows it is also the small ones. I’m thinking maybe the tall plants are the kind we eat and the short ones the kind the birds love???

      • That’s interesting Diane – maybe it’s cheaper to grow the short ones for bird food? I only grew the tall sunflowers once back in 2010 – planted several from a packet of seeds and only one sunflower grew, a Russian Mammoth Sunflower and it was as tall as the neighbor’s garage!

  3. That’s really interesting! I’ve never heard of baking corn on the cob in the oven. I like doing it in the microwave because it’s so quick and the silks generally come off easily, but I imagine baking the corn in the oven gives it a little different taste due to the slower cooking process.

    • There wasn’t any different in taste that we noticed Janet. The advantage is if you are making 6-12 or even more. They can all be cooked at the same time without all the boiling water and extra pots. Have a wonderful weekend Janet!

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