Did You Know – Cool Whip

A few of my blogging friends have told me they didn’t know what Cool Whip is or they can’t buy it, guess why? They don’t live in the United States.

According to Wikipedia

  1. Cool Whip was found by William A. Mitchell and introduced in 1966 by the owner, Kraft Heinz.
  2. It is used in North America as a whipped topping for desserts and is a convenient food.
  3. It does not require whipping and can maintain it’s texture without melting over time.
  4. Cool Whip is sold frozen but it must be defrosted overnight in the refrigerator before using it.
  5. It has a longer shelf life than cream, when frozen.
  6. It does not have the same flavor or texture that whipped cream has and it costs about 50% more per ounce.

2 Tbsp. of original Cool Whip has 25 calories, 1 gram of saturated fat, 0 mg sodium and 2 g total sugar per serving.

Have you ever eaten the Watergate Salad? It was one of the recipes that made Cool Whip well known in the 70’s.

Cool Whip is highly processed and contains hydrogenated oils (aka trans fats) and high-fructose corn syrup with water as the first ingredient.

I am one of those many Americans that love to use this product. Although it does not contain healthy ingredients, it makes recipes so much easier, quicker and it tastes great.

Are you a Cool Whip lover too?


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  1. More of a liker than a lover. To me it actually tastes better when frozen! But, it is not a substitute for real, fresh whipped cream. There is nothing better on a dish of ice cream or a piece of pie than that!

    • I think it depends on the recipe Katelon. I see no reason why you can’t, however, real whipped cream may make a dessert go flat in a day or two. Cool Whip holds its puffy like consistency. Now if you are using real whipped cream in a dessert that gets frozen like my Frozen Peanut Butter Pie it may be fine.

  2. My late husband loved Cool Whip! I would want to serve fresh whip cream on the strawberry shortcake I would make and he wanted Cool Whip! I can take it or leave it but I do prefer either fresh whipped or spray can dairy whip cream instead 🙂
    Interesting though to learn about it, thanks for more food education 🙂

    • What’s nice about Cool Whip is it’s frozen so I imagine you always had one in your freezer for your late husband. I prefer the spray canned whipped cream but my sweet tooth lets me love them all. You’re welcome Tierney!

  3. We always used Cool Whip … no issues with it for being unhealthy. It doesn’t make the pretty swirls when it comes out of the can, but I think it tastes good. I am easy to please.

      • I agree Diane. My great grandparents had a farm. Every morning for breakfast, he would have a huge farmer’s breakfast before going out in the fields, etc. She would meet him for lunch toting leftover breakfast on bread … all that ham, bacon, sausage, fried potatoes, eggs – neither died of high cholesterol.

  4. I use it mostly in jello salads (and Watergate salad!) because it holds up well. Sometimes I use it in frozen pies too. I am not a true fan but it sure does come in handy!

  5. I don’t know Cool Whip either, but it’s interesting to read more about this. And I only know about the Watergate scandal … do you think the salad has anything to do with this historic event?

  6. We like Cool Whip on our strawberries and cake! I know its’ probably not that great for you but we don’t use it a lot but it is good. I have never heard of the Watergate Salad, I will have to google it !

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