Did You Know – Mushrooms

Do you rinse your grocery store mushrooms before eating them like I do? Mushrooms always seem to come with dirt on them so I rinse them off.

I’ve read that the right way to clean mushrooms is to brush off anything on the mushroom with a paper towel or toothbrush because it is not really dirt, it is the substance they put over the mushrooms to keep the moisture in and it won’t hurt us.

Rinsing mushrooms off can discolor them slightly and make them less appealing to look at when you serve them. I don’t care, I am still rinsing mine, especially after reading about the fertilizer that may be incorporated in the covering, a dried manure.

I also read it is fine to rinse whole mushrooms, which is what I usually buy, pat them dry and slice them right before cooking. Don’t rinse sliced mushrooms as they will absorb too much water.

So I leave it up to you, to rinse or not to rinse, that is the question.


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  1. Any type of food is mauled over many times by packers and shoppers .No one knows what can ail them washing hands is may times not done . I wash scrub all i buy no matter what mankind can kill you with germs

  2. Ha, many people debate what the right way is. We never rinse our mushrooms – always wipe them clean with paper towels (on husband’s instructions). But I have also visited a mushroom farm before and can understand why people want to rinse it off 😄.

    • Yes there is a lot that goes into the compost and the chicken or horse manure is in there for good reason. They do pasteurize the compost but it’s the mental part for me. Lol

  3. My husband just flicks off the dirt. But I take a hard toothbrush to each mushroom which usually removes the top layer of skin on the mushroom. So we are to be and not to be family😂

  4. Definitely a rinser here! But, after you rinse, let them dry a while then cook them. Don’t store raw rinsed mushrooms because they will turn brown quickly. Also, buy whole. Sliced is not a real value.

    • We use it in the garden and mix it in the dirt when we prep the soil, not on the plants or vegetables. It looks just like dirt and doesn’t smell but it’s a mind game for me.

  5. After living in Mexico, I got used to sanitizing all my fresh fruits and vegetables regardless of their origin and I continue that practice, BUT I have found that it is a mistake to disinfect mushrooms, strawberries, blackberries, and carrots ahead of time. I do wash them all, including mushrooms, right before use. It was interesting for you to bring up mushrooms. I have heard about brushing them off, but never felt comfortable with that either.

  6. Now this made me smile Diane: “to rinse or not to rinse, that is the question.” Definitely I would rinse, but I’m a bit of a germaphobe, so for sure.

  7. I enjoy puff ball mushrooms but I have not located any that were viable to consume, I remember them from when I was a kid. My dad was huge into finding them.

    • We have a small wooded area behind our house. I was shocked when I found one back there a few years back so I look every year now. I just looked 2 days ago and saw one I missed as it was all brown!!!! I was SO mad. They can get huge in a day so I really need to check daily now. I’m with you and I wish there was someplace I could find a bunch. I’m like you and your dad was, love them!

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