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While reading a post from my blogger friend at http://wetanddustyroads.wordpress.com/ she shared a picture of a cork tree that she saw while hiking. This inspired me to find out about where cork comes from.

Cork comes from a specific type of oak tree. They strip the bark off of it every 9 years, which does not hurt the tree.

The bark is removed from the oak tree, laid flat and stacked for a few weeks up to 6 months in order to dry out.

The cork for bottles is then cut from the bark.

Cork boards are made from bits and pieces of the bark as well.


Pictures from http://www.Pixabay.com

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  1. When we were in Lisbon, Portugal, we were amazed by the products they made from Cork—purses, wallets, eyeglass holders, postcards, bookmarks, and much more.

  2. Now look at you Diane! Those trees were definitely a surprise for us to come across in Portugal … and now you have given me a lot more information about cork than I ever knew! Thanks my friend – I really enjoy your “Did you know” posts 🙂.

    • I wouldn’t have posted about cork had it not been for your blog! You peaked my interest with the tree. I’m glad you are enjoying the Did You Know posts, I am enjoying writing them. Thank you Corna!

  3. I’ve heard for a while now that cork is getting in short supply. I never knew where it came from though. Anyway, what is it that make things like cork boards so popular.

  4. You always share the most interesting facts, I never thought about where corks come from either and I should as my husband and I both like wine! lol Thanks Diane

  5. I enjoyed learning about cork Diane – I had NO idea it comes from a tree. I thought it was manufactured by a machine. (Maybe I shouldn’t admit that, but that amazed me.)

  6. This is really interesting, Diane. I go to a place to make wine and they use real corks. I know he had trouble getting them for awhile, but it’s good to know that they don’t cut down the trees to get them.

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