Did You Know – Super Fine Granulated Sugar

Did you know that if you have a recipe that calls for Super Fine Granulated Sugar, you can make it yourself?

All you need to do is put granulated sugar into a food processor for 10-15 seconds and it will be ready to use.


Image from Pixabay.com


  1. This is another good tip, Diane. My food processor is broken. Oh, how I miss it! I think I used the pulse button too much and now it’s stuck.

  2. This is a great tip! I remember buying an “Ultimate Chopper” years ago cuz I was sold on the powdered sugar trick from the infomercial. 😆

      • They remind me of the Unwrapped show on the Food Network from years ago. I don’t have a blender either. We never used ours and I gave it to Marge when hers broke. I don’t even have one of those tiny blenders (Bullets I think they are called?)

      • Yes, I gave t all away – stupidly on the microwave, but that was a good 10 years ago. I was tempted to give the large stand-up mixer to my friend Ann Marie as she likes to bake, but I remember my mom was so happy to get that mixer and try it out after years of using a hand mixer … so I can’t. It can stay but it takes up space on the counter top.

      • My mom bemoaned no counter space and also not much cupboard space in this house. I never appreciated what she meant back then. She even had a cupboard and butcher block put in when we got the cupboards “faced” and double sink put in – so she had even less space before that happened in 1976.

      • I don’t know how she cooked so much with such little space. Luckily I have a lot of counter space and an island. My first house was probably like yours with no space, not even a dining room so the table was in the kitchen as well.

      • My mom was always envious of people whose kitchen was big enough for an island. This kitchen is very small and counter space non-existent. My mom used to say when we lived in Canada she had lots of counterspace and cupboard space and no appliances then, just a toaster. She said it made no sense. She did not pick this house and hated it … my father got transferred with Ford and came over for the interview and saw the realtor and bought the house. She was livid.

      • My parents did a lot of home improvement to this house, but when we moved here my mom just sat and cried. She didn’t want to move here anyway as mom and friends were there … my father had no family, so he was only interested in making money. So, the home improvements helped this house look better (this type of house is all over the City, but they really re-done outside/inside after we moved here).

      • That must have helped how she felt with all the home improvements. They had the smallest kitchens back in the old days and that surprises me because people made homemade meals all the time. I still remember when we got our first fast food restaurant called Burger Chef. We didn’t have much money but my mom would take us there occasionally and it was such a treat to us kids.

      • Yes, plus they did a lot of canning, etc. A small kitchen that was steamy and hot. My mom took awhile to eliminate the need to have a hot meal every night. In the Summertime, when my father was still here, he worked in a plant which had no A/C and would come home and do nothing but drink (iced tea or lemonade) as he had no appetitite. We’d have pasta salads or cold meals and he’d nibble at them, but that was it. That was the only time she relented as to the “hot dinner” routine. After he left she relaxed and we got fast food and could go to bed with a plate and coffee cup in the sink. I had to break her habits!! We had a Burger Chef here too back in the day too – it was one of the first burger places nearby.

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