Did You Know – Egg Storage

Did you ever notice when you purchase eggs that they are stored pointy side down in the carton?

Do you know why eggs are stored with the pointy end down?

They are stored this way to keep the yolk more centered inside of the egg which will help your eggs stay fresh longer.

The blunt end of the egg is where air and bacteria can enter into egg sac.

By storing eggs pointy side down, the pocket of air stays away from the yolk, keeping them fresh longer.


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  1. Wowza! I’m 63 years old and did not know that! I am going to go now and check how I stored them. I always put them in a plastic egg bin in my fridge, probably the wrong way. thanks Diane

  2. Coincidentally, we had egg omelette for supper. I’ll have to pay attention to the placement on the carton next time!

    • Her eggs have a natural coating on them too so they don’t have to be refrigerated as soon as store bought do. Store bought are cleaned and that coating comes off making them needing refrigeration before the fresh laid eggs. I’m sure she knows this but regardless, storing them pointed side down will still protect them longer.

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