Did You Know – Confectioners (Powdered) Sugar

Did you know that you can make your own Confectioners (powdered) Sugar? It is a very simple process with only two ingredients. So don’t ever worry if you run out, just make your own!

Check out how I make mine by clicking HERE.



  1. I like the taste of Confectioner’s sugar – we used to stop at the Polish bakery occasionally and get angel wings. There would be Confectioner’s sugar everywhere as the put a lot of them, also in the box, but they were so good. The Polish bakery is out of business now.

      • Yes, it would be dangerous – all those enticing smells! They sold the Polish bakery after the last of original owners died and the kids didn’t want to run it – it is now a Mexican bakery. I’ve not been to that bakery since they changed hands. They made the best bread. We bought all our bread there as well.

      • We have several Mexican bakeries now. There is a large area in Southwest Detroit which is known as Mexicantown. If you want authentic Mexican food you go there – years ago we would go on our work lunch hour, but had to drive as it was not right downtown. They have some shops in Mexican town specializing in tamales and Mexican pastries. There are a lot of Latinos moving into my City, so they have opened up bakeries and do a thriving business (from what I see of the comments when their store is featured in the local residents’ forums).

      • I know the Tamales are popular with truckers who stop and get them. I have not been to downtown Detroit, with the exception of going for my green card eight years ago and did not go alone that day. We have had at least five freeway shootings a month in the Detroit area. I would love to go to Belle Isle to walk and take pictures, but I won’t go down there anymore. It is not even so safe in my City – I would never go out at night. I went out yesterday morning and my front porch mat was sideways … not that bothers me as it is rubber and heavy and no way would it move itself. So was someone trying to break in or playing with the door lock. My front door deadbolt is broken but now my side door deadbolt is sticking, despite oiling it. I will have to get a locksmith in for both locks. I have a sensor pole light out front from dusk to dawn and a side sensor light and metal rolling shutters, but that mat moving like bugs me.

      • I never thought of the key under the map – good idea. It is too heavy to have moved itself. I did see a squirrel in front of the living room when I came home from walking yesterday. I stopped feeding them after my neighbor said the hawk was getting them. I wish he told me earlier. Was it your mother-in-law or mom who moved back here from Florida? I think your mom – guess she is very happy to have made that move.

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