Yellow Springs, Ohio

My husband had a few days off so we took a day trip to Yellow Springs, Ohio.

It was a perfect day, with a gorgeous blue sky and puffy white clouds.

Yellow Springs is a fun place to visit for a day trip or weekend adventure.

The hippie town boasts an array of entertaining activities that appeal to a range of visitors.

The top Yellow Springs attractions are hiking, biking, shopping and dining.

First we stopped at Young’s Jersey Dairy. There were so many kids activities that it was packed.

They are known for their ice cream.

We watched the employees fill the cups of ice cream that they sell.

They also were making cheese, another big seller for Young’s.

They were ready for fall.

Next we went to the small “Hippie Town” of Yellow Springs.

It is a very colorful town with many places to get a bite to eat.

They love their plants and flowers.

I loved this plant in front of someone’s home. Does anyone know what it is called?

They have so many cute little shops.

They even have a “World Famous” ice cream stand. Lol

We headed to Clifton Gorge State Nature Preserve.

There are multiple areas to see.

We walked this short paved trail through the woods.

We were able to see the water from a deck that they built for viewing.

This was their Hyde Road Covered Bridge. It was so strange because we drove through neighborhoods to get to it. There was very little water beneath the bridge that was built in 2014.

I can never pass up a large farm market.

It was tempting but I didn’t buy any flowers.

They had a fun store with so many products to buy.

I had to buy something!

We were getting hungry and had passed this restaurant on our way to Yellow Springs. If you have never eaten at a Der Dutchman, you are missing out. There is one in Amish Country, where we go too, and this one was just as delicious.

If you’re ever in the area, take a day and visit this fun little towns of Yellow Springs.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this lovely excursion you and your husband enjoyed, Diane! I felt like we were there with you. I’m glad you had this time together.

    What a fun experience to see ice cream being made and to see a charming covered bridge. Farmers markets are always fun to visit – good for you for exercising restraint from purchasing!

  2. Hi Diane, thanks for the virtual trip to Yellow Springs! You do such a great job on your blog– even though I don’t cook much anymore, I love seeing what’s cookin’ in your kitchen, and where you’re goin’!! 😁

  3. This looks like a cute place to visit. Plus, I can’t resist that giant mint chocolate chip ice cream cone! We are thinking next year of just traveling around Iowa and Ohio during August and September. And we are on the lookout for places where we can ride our ebikes. I like these country areas. Thanks for your post!

  4. It does look like a fun place to visit. I think the plant that you like is Lanatna. I planted some a few years back but was disappointed to find out that it was an our growing zone.

  5. 💜 Great to read 📚 YOU!!! took a break from cooking 🍳 😋 🙌 😌 🤪 🤗 🍳 ; then allowed YOURSELF!!! to be served


      • 💜 YOU!!! ARE Most Welcome SupaSoulSis 🙏🏿 ; a break well earned especially as some, like me, are pretty much on a permanent break and need reminding that others do need breaks from the to-and-fro of day-to-day life


  6. Ice cream and cheese, yum I would have to try those. The plant is possibly a pink and yellow hydrangea. I enjoyed the photos, thank you for sharing them.

  7. Ah, a day trip – that’s always a favourite with me! Love that bridge and you’re right, it’s such a colourful town. I have not (yet) heard of the ‘world famous’ ice-cream stand, but because of your post it might just become world famous 😉. Great photos on a lovely day out – thanks for the share Diane!

  8. It’s not even 4:30am my time, and here I am craving ice cream! Haha, thank you for sharing and it sounds like you and your husband had a fun time together 🤗💛

  9. Sounds like a fun trip Diane and I loved how colorful and quaint this “hippie town” is, right down to the red brick streets. I liked the covered bridge as well. I hope you find the name of the plant as it was very colorful.

      • Thanks for sharing that name Diane. I recently did the Swallowtails at Memorial Park post and last year the Monarchs at Memorial Park post and both times, they were on orange Lantana. It is a volunteer garden and they must be planting it as an annual because it will die if it goes below freezing. We are Zone 6B. They are the most-beautiful shade of orange at that park.

      • I hope you find it – it comes in many shades. I didn’t recognize it in your post. We had a gorgeous day today too Diane and it felt like Fall when I walked out the door this morning – I had on long sleeves and was still chilly but no complaints!

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