Did You Know-Bananas

Did you ever buy bananas at the store and wonder why the stem end was wrapped in plastic wrap, like my picture above?

The plastic wrap helps contain the ethylene gas, which bananas produce naturally while
they ripen. Wrapping the stem end will help to slow down the ripening process.

Foil can also be used to wrap the end tightly to slow down the ripening process.

When I have other fruit that needs ripening, I will put an unwrapped banana with it to ripen my other fruit faster.


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  1. The things I don’t know could fill a set of encyclopedias! Remember those things before we had iPhones? My mom and dad would just say “look it up.” Thanks for the tips Diane! Hugs, C


  2. I always thought that was simply to make you buy the whole bunch instead of breaking off a few. I learned something new!


    • They work even better if you wrap each banana separately because if you’re like me, I pull a banana off and don’t reseal the stem with the plastic wrap. Since there is a gap the gas starts to escape.


  3. I didn’t know that Diane – I always separate them and lay them on their front so I guess I won’t do that anymore. I always buy them in different stages of green and yellow, so they don’t all ripen at once since I’m the only one eating them.


  4. Interesting, we will try this. My husband was reading somewhere about separating bananas from each other to halt the ripening process, we tried that way and it didn’t work. Or we need to eat them faster! haha


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