Did You Know-Sour Cream

When is the last time you looked at the bottom of the sour cream foil? I know I never did, however, yesterday I saw this when I opened mine. Did you know you were suppose to smooth out the top of the sour cream after using it to make it stay fresh longer?

UPDATE: After checking into this, I found the reason you smooth it is because it prevents the whey from separating.


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  1. Interesting. I’ve quit using it and use my favorite yogurt instead, Nancy’s Organic whole milk probiotic plain yogurt. It’s perhaps pricier than sour cream but I love the consistency, thickness and high probiotic count.

  2. Is that for yoghurt too Diane? I buy the large cartons of Greek Yogurtt and the next day after I open up the that carton of yoghurt, there is about an inch of water on top of it. I always stir it but it looks strange.

  3. Oh … I have never seen this before. But thanks Diane, we’ll also try that next time (and will also have a look to see if it’s on our South African sour cream foil 👀).

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