White Russian Cocktail

Why is a White Russian my #1 favorite cocktail to drink? Because it is made with Kahlua which is a rum and coffee liqueur, I can’t resist coffee even in a cocktail. There are only three ingredients in this amazing cocktail and it is very simple to make.

To see my step by step directions with pictures and a printable recipe card click HERE.



  1. I’m not an alcohol drinker but this looks very appealing! I did have Kahlua from time to time in my younger days and it definitely is the magic touch to any drink.

    • Wish I was sipping one right now! 🤣 Isn’t it funny how we remember the food and drinks our family loved. Thank you for sharing your memory Dorothy, I love hearing about memories like that.

  2. White Russians hold special memories in my life. When I reached drinking age they were the first cocktails I ever had. I liked them because they tasted like a milkshake but alas I learned too many of these kind of “milkshakes” can make you quite ill (and hung over!). I stay away from them now but they are a special memory!

    • Good memories except for the hung over part! This is about as strong a drink I will drink 1-2 times a year. Although I do like an occasional Mikes Hard Lemonade in the summer. I think that has 5% alcohol in it. 😂

  3. “Creamy like a milkshake” – looks delicious Diane. Reminds me of Rumchata … I bought a small bottle a few years ago. I am not a big drinker either and since it’s just me, I feel funny sitting here with an alcoholic drink. Anyway, Rumchata, if you’ve not tried it, looks similar to this and I thought was very good and creamy. P.S. – They said to pour Rumchata into your coffee and even had tiny creamers made of it, to make it even easier. Cheers!

      • It is creamy like Kahlua and cream. We used to have Kahlua and Carnation Milk sometimes for the holidays. I just looked and here is how they describe Rumchata: “a delicious blend of Mexican spice, Caribbean rum, and Wisconsin dairy cream.”

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