Melted Snowmen

Melted Snowmen are a fun project to make with kids, grandkids or by yourself and then you get to eat these delicious candy treats. This was my favorite thing I have made this year!

Prepare the candy pieces, I wasn’t sure how many it would make so I prepared enough for eight snowmen. Lay parchment paper on the counter.

In a double boiler, melt the white chocolate and 1 Tbsp. of oil over medium low heat, stirring constantly.

Once melted, with no lumps remaining, remove from the heat. Place the entire double boiler on a hot pad. Keep the top and bottom of the double boiler together until you finish the snowmen. This will keep the white chocolate soft.

Using a small gravy ladle, scoop out one ladle of the white chocolate and pour it on the parchment paper. Add the hat, eyes, nose, buttons and arms. Repeat until all the white chocolate is used up, one snowman at a time. Once hard, place each one in a sandwich bag or wrap in plastic wrap.

INGREDIENTS: This is what I used for mine, but you can use whatever you want

12 oz. white chocolate chips

1 Tbsp. oil

Reese’s peanut butter bells (I cut them in half for the hat).

Candy eyes

An orange Starburst for the nose. I cut each Starburst into a third then shaped it with my hands. I took a knife and indented the top, so it looked like a carrot.

Mini M & M’s for the buttons.

Pretzels broken in half for the arms.

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    • They were so much fun. I bought all kinds of candy at the store, took it home until I figured out what I wanted to use. Now the grandkids have munchies. My granddaughter said “Grandma what did you make the carrots out of?” I said 3 Starburst and I bought an entire bag, they love Starburst.

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