Golden Kolachy Cookies

There are only four ingredients in these Golden Kolacky Cookies. The fruit preserves add a nice variety to any cookie tray. What is fascinating about this recipe is that there isn’t any added sugar in the recipe. The sugar is only in the form of the fruit preserves.

To see my step by step directions with pictures and a printable recipe card click HERE.

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  1. I love these Diane, they are so delicious. My girlfriend used to make these as a special treat for the holidays long, long ago when we both were struggling writers working for a local newspaper, when anything on our budgets was a treat. The recipe, similar to this one, was her grandmother’s from Poland. Whenever I see these, I think of those days.

    • Oh wow what a wonderful memory! That’s so cool you worked for a newspaper. We occasionally are given food like pierogis from my son’s in laws. They came over on the boat from Poland. My grandson is learning both languages which is really cool, he is three.

  2. My mom made these but we had a Hungarian neighbor who used to send these over for us … an exchange of kolacky cookies for traditional Christmas cookies.

    • Thank you there is nothing like a cookie with preserves!

      How strange, I can’t comment on your site, my safari said something about the connection wasn’t safe??? Anyhow I’m glad you are breathing better, welcome to the world of sleep apnea. I can even take a nap without my CPAP machine.

      I’m glad you animals were safe too!

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