Slow Cooker Salisbury Steak & Gravy

It doesn’t get any better than this! Salisbury Steak that cooks in the slow cooker and makes the most amazing gravy. Each Salisbury Steak is a quarter pound and this recipe makes eight steaks. I fixed mashed potatoes with this and I covered them with that amazing gravy.

To see the step by step directions with pictures and a printable recipe card click HERE.


  1. Growing up, Salisbury steak – the frozen microwave dinner kind – was always such a treat I looked forward to on Sunday nights with my parents. The gravy is definitely the magic touch. I can only imagine how the real non frozen kind tastes. This recipe looks great!

    • Oh it was mine too Ab! Every now and then I break down and have my hubby buy me one but they don’t taste as good as they did when I was a kid, and the microwave wasn’t in existence when I was a child so we put ours in the oven. 🤣😂🤣

  2. I think your post on salisbury steak might have been what prompted me to get the crockpot if memory serves me right. I’ve got to start cooking in it again, once I get all my running around, etc. done. I’ve had a difficult time getting all the pantry items done this Fall, though I started at Labor Day weekend, but it’s been other things like errands, working in as much walking as possible since my usual park regimens often got messed up, so I guess I’ll start up again in mid-November. I put it aside when the ants were all over the counter-top and no way to control them and only one plug to use for the crockpot – sigh!

      • I only have the ants in the Spring Diane and I had thought of getting sprayed in the Fall, but we had all that rain, every other day it was humid and rainy, so I decided spray would get washed away. I should really contact them now and see if they want to spray now AND in the Spring, maybe in March because they start coming in by the first week of April. I had quite a few centipedes a few weeks ago with all the rain when it was still warm – I was beside myself!

      • I don’t mind bugs outside but I’m with you, not in the house! I spray my foundation and around the window frames outside. I don’t get many bugs at all upstairs but my basement gets some spiders. I discovered the perfect way to get rid of them though. We get the occasional mouse since we are living in the country with fields all around us. I don’t want poison or traps in the house with the grandkids so we bought large sticky pads that are for catching mice. It seems the spiders like the pads and get stuck and die. The only problem with that is my grandson thinks our basement is full of spiders because of the few he sees on the sticky pads. Lol

      • I like that idea – I bought peanuts from the Wild Birds Unlimited store as he delivered them, during the beginning of the pandemic. So, they must have had moth eggs on the bag – the peanuts were clean, not even any dirt on them, no issue with the peanuts, but I ordered I think it was seven 7-pound bags and put them in the basement. Within a few weeks, there were black dots in the laundry room – it is not paneled, just painted a pale green (for me … so I can hone in on bugs when I walk in there), same with pantry room, also light green, but the shelving is under the stairs which I don’t care for much as it’s dark so I don’t pack stuff in that corner anymore. Anyway, I got moths and it had to have come from there. I looked for the best moth traps as I have coats down there … they are sticky with phomemes scent for moths. It was covered with moths inside the traps. Occasionally I find a moth still, over 18 months later which distresses me. I have to get rid of the ants as they are all over once they come in. I put off everything as I had car issues, furnace issues and trying to get in my pantry items for Winter this year has been a real pain. I am going to go one more time this Sunday and hopefully if they have stuff/no limitations I’ll finish – not that much, but don’t want to run out, then I’ll just get perishable items once a month. This year has been a pain from start to finish, but I don’t have to tell you that with surgery and your cement issue. And oh ya – COVID worries.

      • Covid has changed all of us. When I had pet birds in the house I bought seed in bulk. They did the same thing, moths flew out every time I opened the Tupperware lid. I stopped buying bulk. Then another time I picked up acorns from the ground under our oak tree to make crafts with them. Put them in a ziploc sandwich bag and a week later went to use them and worms crawled out of them and ate through the bag. Now I bake the acorns in the oven before using them. Luckily they didn’t go far but it was disgusting! I make corn hole bags (the outside game board) and they are filled with corn. First ones I made worms ate through the material. From then on I made them and microwaved every bag to kill anything inside the corn and it worked! Bugs live inside everything. Lol

      • Yes, no more peanuts in bulk – the peanuts were fine, there had to have been moth larvae on the outside of the bag. There is an Asian Ladybug infestation in Michigan – you may have it too. They look like ladybugs, only paler and they bite and come into the house this time of years. I’ve seen them and stinkbugs outside – we also have a stinkbug investation. Michigan is special sometimes. 🙂

      • So is Ohio, they were all over the cabana when I was out there a week ago. Every window in the house had them on them too. So far they haven’t found a way in but they usually do. Stink bugs aren’t as bad this year but they are here too.

  3. You know me, anything I can make in a slow cooker peaks my interest. I haven’t made Salisbury steak in years and years. Time to make it again with your recipe.

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