Dough-less Pizza Crust

Pizza crust made with cream cheese, parmesan cheese, eggs and seasonings. Add all of your favorite toppings, bake and enjoy!

To see the step by step directions with pictures and a printable recipe card click HERE.

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  1. That looks delicious! Both the crust and the toppings you used.

    And very interesting no carb approach! What is the consistency of the No dough crust? Still hardy enough to pick up and hold/eat in your hands?

      • That would be more my speed Diane. I used to see Mackenzie (whom I think you follow, or did follow) making pizza in a little revolving gizmo that sat on her countertop. I really liked that, but I’d have an electrician in before I bought something like that.

      • I thought it might be the answer to the oven issue, because clearly, the longer I don’t use the oven, the more concerned I am to turn it on. Her pizzas always looked delicious.

      • You need to buy a new stove and then you won’t have any worries, new stoves have safe ovens. I have never had an unsafe oven or range top other than that broken glass top which was my fault.

      • Yes, it does worry me that I’ve not used it in so long. Same with the toaster oven and I was thinking of getting a new toaster oven a few years ago – the problem is the butcher block, the only place I could put it as there is precious little countertop space, is not big enough to keep it far enough away from the wall in back and nowhere to open the door. They all have too short of cords as well. I saw one where the person had a roll-top door on the toaster oven and it caught fire … I said to myself, no … I’ll come up with another option.

      • Most of the kitchen equipment today have much better safety features than before. In the older days you needed a good clearance but today things are protected better. You would want to read the clearance before buying one. We had a toaster oven a few years back and I kept it right at the wall, not touching but only about 2” away because of the Formica back piece. I agree with the short cords though, such a pain.

      • That is good to know Diane – there is formica that runs along the back of the butcher block, then it is the wall/wallpaper. So I worried. Our toaster oven is old, but I’ve not used it in eleven years.

      • OK, I will do that and I’m more inclined to buy a toaster oven rather than a big oven, even after I take the laptop off it. I have to do that this Winter – I have to swap with this Windows 7 laptop I’m using. I prefer the Windows 7, but they are discontinuing internet explorer in June 2022, so I will have to swap it by then. I have a lot to do this Winter, including housework – it is a big mess from loading everything in for Winter. I had to go in many more trips as there were limits on what you could get, or they didn’t have items.

  2. Perfect! Every now and then we go on the Banting diet (low carb) and then this pizza crust will be great (I’m not a big fan of the cauliflower crust) … thanks Diane, you think of everything!

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