Happy Labor Day

It feels strange celebrating a holiday that recognizes people working in the USA when so many businesses can’t even get enough help to properly run their businesses. I had mixed emotions about hosting a family picnic for the holiday but since we have all been vaccinated and it will be outside, I decided to have the first big family gathering in a long time.

Enjoy your family and friends and be safe!

Image from Pixabay.


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  1. I actually saw an interesting PBS thing on YouTube that showed how it is not just the extended supplemental employment that has caused people not to return to work but that people who worked in the low wage jobs/industries have gotten better jobs such as in manufacturing. They interviewed people who used to work as servers in restaurants, etc. and being laid off during the pandemic made them re-evaluated what industry they wanted to work in. They also shared how awful it is to work in the restaurant industry, etc. We had some restaurants shut down where I live because of no staff.


  2. And you, enjoy your family, be safe with your loved ones. We also have no help, and the 4th wave is coming, the children have returned to school, so there will be restrictions.


    • Thank you Ultra. Our children also returned and already covid has shut down one of our schools and multiple classrooms of my grandchildren’s school. They are less restrictive then they were the first around! Children are not even required to wear masks. My granddaughter is the only one that does in her class and my grandson is one of three that wears a mask. Makes me sick!


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