Pan Fried Chicken Croquettes

What better way to use up leftover cooked chicken than to make these delicious Chicken Croquettes? They can be prepared early in the day, refrigerated and then cooked up in no time at all for dinner. Top them off with this easy to make delicious creamy sauce and you have a great start to an easy meal.

To see the step by step directions with pictures and a printable recipe card click HERE.


  1. Oh yummy!! We always have some left over chicken … I don’t know why nobody wants to eat that last chicken fillet 😉. It always end up on a sandwich, but I’d much rather try out your recipe – looks more delicious!

  2. I always liked croquettes … been years since I had them. Now I have a hankering for them and biscuit gravy. They look a little like chicken fried steak.

      • I’m thinking they’ve been around forever because I can remember my mom making them when I was a kid. We always had salmon croquettes every Friday during Lent.

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