Simplehuman Kitchen Soap Dispenser Review

This is my new favorite kitchen soap dispenser. It is a no touch liquid soap dispenser that doesn’t drip. You can control how much soap is dispensed and their soap is wonderful, should you decide to use it.

I love that I don’t have to touch it to get the soap out. It also has buttons to set to the desired amount of soap.

It is simple to refill with no mess. They sell different scented liquid soap and I LOVE the lemon!

Most dispensers drip soap all over the counter and this one does not.

Another thing I love is that I can be touching raw meat and not have to contaminate a pump handle in order to put soap on my hands.

I can’t say anything bad about this liquid soap dispenser. The soap that the manufacturer sells only takes a small amount to thoroughly clean your hands. You do not have to buy their soap but I love it and the lemon scent.

This particular soap dispenser was purchased at Bed, Bath and Beyond for $49.99 and 34 oz of liquid hand soap is $8.99 but I was lucky enough to have received both as a gift from my mother in law!

I was not compensated for my review, this is my honest opinion of this product.

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  1. That is right up my alley Diane. I have sensitive skin and have used Johnson & Johnson baby soap in a pump for several years and at the store the other day, they no longer sell it in a pump, but you have to pick it up and squeeze it out. I had told myself I needed to buy a pump dispenser as the one I’m using is not a twist-off-and-refill-it type. I like the idea of not touching the pump and contamination. Your mother-in-law is a sweetie.

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    • She sure is Linda! When we got married she lived 2 hours away. I used to stay with her by myself for a one week vacation! We had so much fun! Now she moved here and is 92 years old. She lives in a condo by herself and still drives!


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