Strawberry Rhubarb Pie

Rhubarb and Strawberry Pie is an all time favorite of anyone that loves rhubarb. Add vanilla ice cream and your pie will be an even bigger hit! You can use fresh or frozen rhubarb as well as store bought pastry dough or your own favorite homemade pastry dough. HERE is my favorite pastry dough recipe.

This is my favorite spring pie so I am sharing it again for anyone that may have missed it last year. To see the step by step directions with pictures and a printable recipe card click HERE.


    • You are so welcome Cate. Iโ€™m not familiar with celiac but I assume it is a no-no to eat this. Iโ€™m happy it brought back some memories for you.

      • Yes! Exactly that! My mother would boil a bunch of salks until very tender. The chopped pieces would be served hot and eaten with cream or a custard but most of the liquid would be cooled and put in the fridge and served as a refreshing – if eye raising – drink!! Not recommended for those who do not like sours ๐Ÿ˜‰

  1. This is truly a classic pie and sadly it is hard to find these days.
    A few years ago we saw it for sale at a local store and bought three just to have later – and I will check out your recipe if I even decide to try and make one –

      • I will and that is a good too to know it comes out the same with frozen

        A while back I noticed that whenever Stranerry rhubarb pie came up – people would say that their Grandmother liked it. It definitely feels like a generation kind of pie-
        Lately we have making our version of key lime pie with Stevia and mink fruit – and almond flour crust
        Comes out different every time

      • I meant monk
        Darn auto correct
        And side note – my body doesn’t really do well with too much monk fruit
        But I can do stevia or xylitol

      • ๐Ÿ˜Š and it seems with AI and predictive features it really is hard to catch everything – I know things need to change and will – but I miss the good old fashioned spell checker inside the post draft! Sigh…..

  2. Yummy – can it be a favourite autumn pie as well? We love rhubarb and will definitely try your recipe … I’m just not sure whether it will be untouched on the kitchen counter overnight ๐Ÿ˜Š.

    • If you have rhubarb freeze it for fall. I love it for spring because our fresh strawberries are out then and the strawberries are SO delicious then. Mine never makes it overnight either, I have to taste test after all. However, waiting lets all those delicious juices stay in the pie.

  3. This is a wonderful recipe. Glad you reposted it. I made this last Spring and am waiting to harvest our rhubarb in our backyard to make it soon!

    • I agree it is the best pie. I am always searching for a better recipe when I cook but this pie stopped with this recipe. I donโ€™t think there could be a better tasting Strawberry Rhubarb Pie. Thank you Ab!

  4. Being from The Bronx, I never tasted rhubarb. But here in the South it is a staple. I will have to break down someday and try it.

    • When I was a kid we would dip the stalks in sugar and eat it. Keep in mine the leaves are poisonous but not the stalks. I love it in pie, muffins, cake or as a sauce. I hope you get a chance to try it sometime.

    • I wish my rhubarb was ready to pick when our strawberries are ready. I normally use my homegrown frozen rhubarb with the fresh farm market strawberries. Enjoy!

  5. My husband loves to bake this also. Our growing season is shorter than yours, but we are on our third year of our rhubarb in a pot on the deck. It is such a beautiful plant and we love to watch it grow. We should be able to make a pie that has more rhubarb in it this year. Thanks for the reminder of what is to come.

    • I have about 6 plants but the darn mole went through them for the past few years and the plants are trying to make a comeback. I saw today there were some new shoots from the seeds dropping last year. This year I have a ton of seeds and I will let them all drop too. Knock on wood the moles have left the yard for now. Maybe the city they built in our yard collapsed! ๐Ÿ˜‚

  6. This was a perennial favorite of my mom’s Diane, but I liked it as well, but she was more of a pie person that me. My mom also stewed up a lot of what she bought to put over ice cream or on toast.
    We bought some rhubarb-strawberry jam in Shipsewana when we visited.

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