Springtime In My Yard


This is our flowering pear tree. I planted this as a seedling over 25 years ago.


Look what is popping up in the garden. I picked my first batch of asparagus! I will continue to pick and eat it until the first week of June.


Soon I will be picking rhubarb. I freeze this and use it all year long. The leaves are poisonous but the stalks are wonderful for baking cakes and pies. I can’t wait to make my favorite strawberry rhubarb pie!


My husband made all new raised beds using composite boards because the wood ones were falling apart. I still need to top this perineal herb bed off with dried manure and work it into the dirt.


I can’t for the life of me understand how my annual parsley made it through the winter! I am told it won’t be good to use but of course I will have to try. It sure looks OK to me so I will cut it back and see what it does.


My new cabana weathered nicely though the winter.


At my 50’ arbor the hosta have started to grow but the wisteria on top hasn’t yet. All of this will get new mulch soon.


This is my sweet cherry tree, I wish I had as many cherries as I do flowers! This is another tree I planted as a seedling and it is huge now! It’s never given me good quality cherries and what it does produce the birds eat before I do, however, they have to eat too. The arbor behind it is about 8 feet tall so you can see the massive size of this tree.


The red bud trees were free seedlings with a donation to the Arbor Day Foundation. Back then I paid $10.00 for a membership and they sent me 10 seedlings.

After taking all these pictures we were hit with about 4” of snow!


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  1. So beautiful Diane. I loved when my apple tree blossomed, it was gorgeous, but then the wind kicked up for a few days with rain and they are all gone now. We also got that April snow and it wreaked havoc on the blossoms on my magnolia tree. I used to have a cherry tree and we got great cherries if we could beat the birds, but we had to keep it pruned. The carpenter ants got in it and we had to take it down as it was dying. I loved that tree. I hope you have many happy days in your cabana this summer.

    • I bet your yard is gorgeous with all that color Carla! I hate when the flowers drop off due to frost or rain and wind. Fighting the birds and bugs is a losing battle. I have really been enjoying the cabana already. A few days ago I was sitting out there watching the orioles on my feeders and they were chattering away. I have about 4 orioles at the feeders at one time. They are eating an entire huge jar of grape jelly every other day. I need stock in jelly! Then all of a sudden a hummingbird flew inside the cabana, fluttered in front of me then flew away. It was like he was saying thank you for feeding me. It is definitely earning it’s cost.

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