Christmas Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies


I love this recipe because the cookies are so delicious,

easy and they don’t take very long to make.

Oatmeal Cookies are amazing when adding the chocolate chips.

This is the 11th cookie recipe of about 15 that I will be posting.

To see the step by step directions with pictures and a printable recipe card click HERE.


    • Since my family won’t be visiting for Christmas I will be making up many trays and then there is the grandkids still sheltering in place with us…lol I freeze them until I give them away and what’s left will stay frozen so only a few can be taken out at a time. The grandkids walk in from school everyday asking if I started making them yet…haha I just hope they don’t see them in the garage freezer.

  1. Another one of my favorite cookies.😊 I like to add raisins and walnuts. Thanks for posting these cookies.

    My granddaughter and I are baking cookies now. I am taking a break while she is rolling out the peanut butter cookies.😊👣

  2. Oatmeal cookies instead of crisps? Very good idea. Thanks to your recipes, Christmas will be special and the children will be delighted!

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