Christmas Peanut Butter & Chocolate Star Cookies


My Christmas Peanut Butter & Chocolate Star Cookies are a soft cookie. The dough is rolled into a ball and then rolled into sugar. The chocolate star is pressed into the middle of the cookie immediately when the cookie comes out of the oven. This is the 7th cookie recipe of about 15 that I will be posting.

To see the step by step directions with pictures and a printable recipe card click HERE.


    • I actually drive to Amish Country and always bring back the stars just for Christmas. One year they didn’t have them and I had to use the kisses too but I like the stars for Christmas.Thanks Pam!

      • I like the chocolate stars too. I don’t see them around here in Florida, but I do remember them from Pennsylvania. And don’t forget we have our own Christmas “star” coming up in the sky with a peak on December 21st. Saturn and Jupiter will line up into one “giant shining star”!

  1. My grandchildren love cookies. I am happy to bake them with your recipe, because they do not know such. Thank you for a great recipe!
    best regards

  2. I have so many Christmas cookies and squares I make already that I will save these for later in the year. They sound and look wonderful.

      • Nope….haha I have many cookie trays to make up and they will get all the extras. I just made 2 frozen peanut butter pies for them and they eat ice cream all the time. Their bellies will thank me! Lol (Mean grandma)

      • My grandson eats so much meat! I cooked rabbit today thinking no one would eat it but me. I had the two small front legs and he ate all the rest! He had never tasted rabbit before and my goodness did he love it!

      • Well, she is braver than me Diane. Friends of our family invited me to spend a few weeks with them traveling thru Spain in 1974. I spent three weeks … she was from Madrid, so we did sightseeing there and stayed with her brother and then traveled around the last two weeks. She spoke the language so we went into all types of small restaurants … they made me try lots of things I’d never had before, like bouillabaisse, fish with the head on, raw eels and shrimp that had not been de-veined. My parents were not fish lovers, so we had fish sticks and tuna salad and salmon patties. That was it. It was a culinary education for sure!

      • Thank you – I felt kind of obligated to try them since I was traveling with them, but it made me queasy to be honest with you Diane. We never had fresh fish so seeing the entire fish on a plate and having to use a special knife to debone the fish to eat it. Ugh. I stayed with them in Puerto Rico when they lived there for a few years as part of his job. They liked runny boiled eggs. I am not a fussy eater, but I finally had to say to them that I had to have my eggs cooked somewhere between soft-cooked and hard-boiled. 🙂

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