Simple Foolproof Gravy


I went for years buying canned gravy because I never could figure out how to make it and it always had those nasty flour lumps in it! Well let me tell you, this was the first and the only gravy I ever succeeded at and I still make it today. What I love about this gravy, is that I can make it up ahead of time and then heat it up for my dinner, saving time, so your dinner is ready faster. There are five ingredients in this delicious gravy, that you probably already have, so go ahead and put it on your Thanksgiving menu.

To see the step by step directions with pictures and a printable recipe card click HERE.

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  1. Thanks for this!! I’ve always bought the gravy seasoning mix. I never realized how easy it was to make. I will definitely make use of this soon <3

  2. I think I can do that! Who knew it’d be so easy?! You just be getting excited for Thanksgiving this year. Can’t wait to see what you make!

    • I’m afraid there will be no cooking this year. Our family is experiencing Covid. My brother and sister in law, my daughter in law and now my daughter may have it as well. If my daughter has it (She works in ICU with Covid patients) we have been in direct contact with her and our grandkids. We have decided to cancel Thanksgiving celebration so our 80, 85 and 91 year old parents don’t get COVID. If we come down with it I will not want to be cooking. Lol

  3. And just in time for Thanksgiving since there is likely to be lots of leftover since no added family members – hot turkey sandwiches with this gravy ladled over them will be perfect!

    • Things are getting so much worse with Covid here. I’m not even making turkey even though we cancelled our family Thanksgiving. We are waiting to hear of a shut down again. My daughter was double tested and was negative, thank God, so it was the perfect time to move the grandkids back in. I suspect they will be here until next year. So many of the hospital employees are sick with Covid. We are hoping to get the bus to pick up the kids to make it easier on us as they go to different elementary schools. But seriously I have a feeling this might be the last week there and then we are back to remote learning.

      • I hope you can just go to remote learning – my fingers are crossed that happens for you. Do you have them in one room, or separate areas for their school time then? It’s better learning from home, not only for COVID, but bad weather is just around the corner. We had traces of snow today, a little more in the northern suburbs, but there were multiple vehicle accidents and a jack-knifed semi as well. There was some black ice involved – ’tis the season for that too. When do you get your groceries then, when Terry is home to mind the kids or have them delivered to the house now. I think you were ordering and picking them up in your car awhile back. Scary times. I think we will have more restrictions coming up as to masks … the governor is pushing for that (unsuccessfully so far) … no mask mandate for Michigan. We have lots of restrictions starting tomorrow … no in-restaurant dining starting tomorrow at 12:01 a.m. but the restaurant association has filed a lawsuit against it happening. When will things be normal again? Even with a vaccine … not likely til this time next year. I continue to keep your entire family in my prayers.

      • I’m sure remote learning will start after Thanksgiving break. My granddaughter is very bright and needs no help with her learning. My grandson does, so they are in different rooms. The bus starts picking them up tomorrow so no more running back and forth to two schools every day. Terry loves grocery shopping and I hate it, he has volunteered for years to get groceries…..lucky me! I have decided to have a small Thanksgiving dinner with the kids, I can’t take that away from them with all they are going through. Although I am exhausted in only 3 short days, they have brought light back into this Covid life. We are talking about playing in the snow, being outside, crafts and cooking. Now if my daughter can stay safe working ICU!

      • That’s great Terry likes grocery shopping – I don’t mind it if it is a regular grocery shopping, not the “shop-til-you-drop” grocery shopping for Winter. I usually get about 3 miles walked for grocery shopping. Well, that is nice you are still having a small Thanksgiving dinner for the kids – they are real troopers this year and will appreciate it. Is their dog still with your daughter? I remember they missed their dog in the Summer. I hope your daughter stays safe – she will be one of the first to get a vaccine due to her proximity to the COVID wing of the hospital. That is good (if anything is good in 2020). You’ll have lots of fun with the grandkids – you are young enough to enjoy them. How are your parents doing? On Thanksgiving, you can make Zoom calls all day … basic Zoom usually cuts you off after 40 minutes, but no limits on Thanksgiving. You can have a virtual visit with your parents or your daughter.

      • The dog stayed with their mom along with their bearded dragon. I’m glad she has the pets as she gets pretty lonely after a while, especially with Christmas coming. I wouldn’t know the first thing about Zoom calls and I would never be able to get my parents to either as she already tried and couldn’t get it…lol They are doing well, just lonely, thanks for asking Linda!

      • I wouldn’t know how to use Zoom either Diane – my boss is getting tech savvy as he has had to learn Zoom, Skype and something else for how he co-teaches a labor law class.

  4. Homemade gravy is delicious isn’t it? I watched Mom make it for years. I’m good enough that my family asks for it at Thanksgiving! Yay! 😊

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