Pumpkin Bread


What a great bread for the holidays! Pumpkin is one of my favorite kinds of pies, cookies, bread or just about any dessert. This Pumpkin Bread recipe is as easy as it gets! It is a delicious and moist recipe that you mix with a spatula or whisk and you do not have to knead!

To see the step by step directions with pictures and a printable recipe card click HERE.



  1. Hi Diane, I have never used pumpkin, and it’s not possible to buy in the Welsh village where I live, but I do have a butternut squash in the fridge – do you think that it would be a good substitute, given that it needs using up?

    • It definitely won’t taste the same but that is how great recipe’s are created! Give it a try, just make sure you purée the squash first. The pumpkin is very thick and that may be wet. If I was doing it I would try to squeeze some of the liquid out of it (with cheesecloth) if it is Liquidy . I would love to hear if it was good or not.

  2. I made pumpkin bread this morning for a family gathering tomorrow. I used a Betty Crocker recipe (it was before I saw this post). I will have to bookmark this for next time. 🙂

      • The weather guy I follow on Twitter loves breaking bread and he has a very easy bread he makes – effortless but he does put it in the oven. I have seen that you can make bread in the crock pot. One day, I’ll try that. I did try something new last week and it was pretty good Diane. I decided to try something with tomato – I put in the chicken, then two cans of the DelMonte canned vegetables that have sea salt and black pepper (they are good and I usually don’t eat much salt, but they had different types of beans and corn and were tasty), and a can of zucchini, a large can of mushrooms and some of the “veggie pasta” which I threw in when I started it in between. I had bought a sauce that had four types of cheese in it. It was very good and I put a small can of Durkee onions on it as I shut it off. So that was my first tomato “meal” I made – it was good. I have got the fixings to make a Southwestern Chicken Chili and also a Taco Soup, though I think I will not add the broth so it is thicker like a stew. I should have done this a long time before now, especially as the Windows 10 laptop is still on the stove, plugged in behind the stove as I have so few outlets, and the computer guy had still not finished configuring out system to use the laptops to remote in. Crazy!

      • I think the Windows 10 will be obsolete by the time he gets there! 🤣 Way to go with the recipes in the slow cooker! You are getting to be quite the cook!

      • You are right – Robb bugged him to fix his laptop so he could learn it, so he said okay and never heard from him and that was a month ago at least! Thank you Diane – at this rate, I might need an apron! Today, I used a little box of Uncle Ben’s long grain and wild rice under my chicken and other ingredients – it cooked up without an issue … how lazy is that? And this meal was done in three hours too, so I’m going to make everything 3 not 4 hours. I am not ready for a recipe blog site yet. 🙂

      • I likely will get to the recipe books when I get more time – for now, I’m keeping it simple. 🙂 I see people in the two Facebook crock pot blogs using a lot of Philly cream cheese blocks – it seems almost every recipe calls for a small block of it. I am going to try to vary these recipes as little over the Winter when I have more time – still would like to try some soups. There is one soup – stuffed pepper soup which sounds good! Today, they had a recipe for pumpkin pie in the crock pot – hmm. Who’d have thunk you could do that?

      • I agree with you Diane – I look forward to when I retire. I’ll have the same joy as you did when you retired last year (or was it the year before). The idea of trying new things, like maybe an art class, or trying to use the camera on manual instead of automatic, and yes – cooking too. It is just now it is trying to juggle too much at one time. Ha ha – as to a restaurant, well if you did the cooking. I might make the customers sick. 🙂

      • Hahaha I don’t think you would make anybody sick! As for retiring, what is that? I rarely have time to do anything fun for myself anymore. I swear all I do is babysit and cook meals. I look forward to the day I can go back to quilting, crafts and photography too.

      • Well, this is true Diane – you have a point … you do a lot for your family, grandchildren – even your parents. That makes me feel like a sloth as I don’t have any family, so I guess I will have it easy. All you are getting now since retirement, is not having to put on makeup (unless you want). I gave up contact lenses, makeup, pantyhose, heels and clothes with a waistband when I stopped working on site. That was a retirement from normalcy for me! I am looking forward to retirement and crafts too – last year after that walk I took with the sketching I ordered some drawing how-to books from Amazon, and some art supplies. I guess I thought I was going to be that pre-teen who took the art classes years ago … I forgot I didn’t have any responsibilities (well maybe dusting and pulling weeds back then). I used to love crafts though. One day again. Hopefully. 🙂

      • The dust … that is what I tell myself all the time … too often in fact! I have never tried basket weaving. Many years ago I sewed my own clothes as I was tall (still am tall) and the stores did not carry tall sizes. I have not sewn since the early 80s though. I used to do Pretty Punch embroidery too (crewel and punching wool into a design) … not done that since the late 80s. One day I will pick up those charcoals again … I took that class back when I was a teenager.

      • Yes, I see them advertised sometimes when I am reading a news story on social media and it pops up. They said today on the news that people will be wanting cooking gadgets for Christmas this year since eating at home is becoming the norm.

      • My husband read that the turkey sale weight for Thanksgiving will average 18# with very few over 20# because there won’t be as large gatherings so people won’t buy large turkeys. I thought that was interesting too.

      • That is interesting Diane – yes, people will end up with lots of leftovers then at that rate. They are really discouraging large gatherings … we had a massive spike today. Sigh.

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