West Side Market Cleveland Ohio


If you ever go to Cleveland, Ohio make sure you stop at West Side Market. It is Cleveland’s oldest publicly owned market which is located on the corner of Pearl (W. 25th) and Lorain Street. However, make sure you have a cooler with ice in your car and plenty of muscle to carry out the food, there are no carts. We always take our reusable grocery bags as they are easier to carry than the plastic bags that they give you.



As we turned onto W. 25th St. we could see the skyline of Cleveland above the trees.



We pulled into the parking lot and a building had this beautiful mural painted on it.


When you walk into the market, there are a few vendors on the outside.


Once you walk through the doors there is a large hall that is usually full of customers, fruit and vegetable vendors. There weren’t very many customers and only about half of the vendors that are usually there, all due to the pandemic I’m sure!



Once you get to the end of this hall, you walk outside to get to the market building. Security was at the door making sure everyone had on a mask. There were two woman feeding the pigeons between buildings.



Once inside the market building there are booths with every kind of meat, poultry, cheese, nuts….well just look at all the pictures below. This wasn’t everything but I tried to capture the best of the best and most unique food for you.


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We weren’t too sure, with the pandemic, about going to the market but we wore our masks, were very careful and went anyway. Normally this place is packed with people and there were about one quarter less vendors inside, but that was still enough.

I know somebody will ask what did we buy. Well I think my husband bought bread and beef sticks only. Me on the other hand, well you all know how I am!

I have been looking for chicken hearts and gizzard for over 6 months! I found them here and bought out the vendors supply! That was 8#’s of gizzards and 7#’s of hearts.

Add on the strawberries, melon, rabbit, scallops, ham, brats, sausage, bread, smoked fish for my dad and beef sticks.

I also bought one macaron. I have never tasted a macaron and they were so beautifully decorated that I had to buy one. Well, that won’t happen again because it wasn’t what I was expecting and not worth the $2.50 I paid for one! Did you know there are also macaroons which are made differently from the macaron and if I ever come across them, I will definitely try one.

I hope you have enjoyed our trip to the West Side Market in Cleveland Ohio and if you ever get the chance to go there, I’m sure you will enjoy it as much as we do. We try to drive there once a year but I would go more if it was closer.


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  1. Sounds wonderful, Diane! Thanks for sharing your trip and wonderful photos.

    My hubby, a couple friend and I visited Columbus for a long weekend trip in 2015. We drove to Cleveland for the day to visit the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (didn’t make it in time as it was closed!) and if we go back, I’ll make a note to visit the market. I love markets.

    Chicken hearts and gizzards sounds yum. How do you prepare them? I’ve had deep fried gizzards once and it was so tasty!

    • It is open year round but only on Monday-Wednesday-Saturday. I really don’t know if the produce is locally grown. I don’t usually buy much of it because it is always so ripe and ready to eat. It tastes delicious but I can never eat it fast enough.

  2. I love places like this! Reading Terminal Market in Philadelphis comes to mind.The Haymarket near Faneuil Hall in Boston. Portland, Maine has a smaller version. You just want to sample everything! I love macaroons–the cocoanut-based cookie. but macarons–the French pastry–do little for me.

    • I didn’t even know there were macarons! When I was editing the pictures I thought they spelled it wrong and when I googled it I figured it out. I can’t stand almonds so no wonder I didn’t like them. Coconut I love so now I still want to try macaroons…lol

  3. I don’t like those pretty pastel macaroons either. They are expensive and really bland tasting! I like the good old fashioned coconut ones dipped in chocolate! 🙂

    • You’re welcome Laurel! I will try a macaroon some day. I wanted to make them but now I’m afraid I may not like them so why go through all that work. Once I try one and if I like it, then I will try and make them. I do love coconut.

    • That was such a wonderful post Laurel! If I lived there I wouldn’t be able to stay away. Everything looks so fresh and as you said…clean! Thank you for sharing the link I really enjoy it. ❤️

  4. That looks and sounds like a wonderful wander! I love public markets like this! I love Reading Market in Philly and Pike Place Market in Seattle. Sounds like the same type of experience 🙂

  5. I always love the assorted fruits and vegetables in their colorful arrangements at such markets best. to say nothing of flowers. This looks like a nice one.

  6. I sure do love the WestSide Market! Glad to hear it’s still running through this pandemic. Less people then usual but… it’s to be expected considering.
    Loved this post! And great pictures!

  7. This was so nice to see! I was born and raised in the Cleveland area. Worked in downtown Cleveland for a few years. Then I met my husband and moved to Florida, Virginia and now we are in New Jersey. I miss home!

      • I am not sure if it is run by Mennonites but that is a Mennonite area. They have tons of vendors outside and inside. But I can’t wait to get to Ohio one day and see all the places you go to😊

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