Homemade Brown Sugar


It only takes two ingredients to make Homemade Brown Sugar. It is as simple as stirring them together to combine them and it’s ready to use. It’s amazing how much they charge for something so easy to make.

I had such a good response to the Homemade Powdered Sugar recipe that I thought I would reshare this Homemade Brown Sugar recipe in case you have trouble buying it in the store.

To see the step by step directions with pictures and a printable recipe card for the Homemade Brown Sugar recipe click HERE.



      • Don’t they sell liquid brown sugar in some type of squeeze bottle – maybe years ago? It seems I would see that product when grocery shopping when there was a baker in the house – there is no baker in the house now. 🙂

      • I never bought the liquid, just remember seeing it. We had a gizmo, which I probably still have in the drawer, to keep the sugar soft to use in oatmeal. My mom used to put a piece of bread in the canister we kept it in, but it didn’t work and it got as hard as my head. So, this was a piece of ceramic pottery, about two inches in diameter, looked like the reddish pots/saucers you get at the nursery – there was something in it that kept it soft.

      • Sounds similar to the clay bear I put in my brown sugar to keep it soft. I soak it in water and it absorbs the moisture. Then it goes in with the brown sugar and keeps the sugar soft.

      • Yes, that is how ours worked too – my mom subscribed to “Taste of Home” and “Taste of Home Extra” for years and they had a catalog that came every month of kitchen gadgets and I am thinking she got it there.

      • That is so funny! I used to subscribe to it too. They always had a contest to find Teds toothpick in the magazine. It was so hard to find but fun trying. My mother in-law just gave me a copy yesterday!!! She subscribed through my granddaughters school fundraiser and is going to give them to me after she looks at them.

      • My mom always did that Ted’s toothpick too Diane – she got some great recipes from there and maybe now we know why you have recipes and pictures that constantly remind me of my mom’s homemade dinners! We had “Country” and “Country Extra” too.

      • My mom finally got rid of them but she had a few small cookbooks I think – I think that is where she had a small crockpot recipe book from. You always said you wished you met my mother as you’re both so alike in your food ideas and cooking.

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