My Morning Breakfast


I have already told some of my followers how the Coronavirus has changed my life. We are healthy, so far, and hope to stay that way. However, my husband works in the hospital here. My son must work at his job, not from home. My daughter is a Registered Nurse and studying to be a Nurse Practitioner. My daughter in law is a nurse practitioner. I am so proud of the sacrifice they are all making.

You have seen many posts where I speak of my grandchildren. We started having our grandson visit, my sons boy, once a month for the weekend. They live over an hour away. Now because of the risk of the virus we can not pick him up, his breaks my heart.

We have my daughters kids here every week. My daughter is on the front line caring for the Coronavirus patients. My husband and I decided to ask my daughter if we could move her kids in with us until the severity of getting this virus is much less possible. I guess we are doing this for selfish reasons. If she passes it to our grandkids, they would definitely pass it to us with all our hugs and kisses.

We have had our two grandkids with us for 11 days now. My entire life is now devoted to homeschooling, keeping their bottomless pits fed and entertaining them. They have adjusted well and see their mom through our glass door while my daughter wears a mask. One day they saw her outside so she could watch them play while she wore her mask and kept her distance. They are going to be here for a few months.

My grandkids are 5 and 9 years old. Although they miss their mom they seem to understand why they must isolate at Grandma and Grandpa’s house. Yesterday my husband had to go into work early. The grandkids woke up 45 minutes before me and decided to be very quiet, play in their room and let Grandma sleep in! I really needed it and appreciated it!



When I got up my granddaughter fixed her brother breakfast and made this special breakfast for me!



With my breakfast was this heartfelt note making me 100% certain we have done the right thing. Please isolate yourself, if you are able, to keep you and your loved ones safe.

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  1. Oh Diane, what a worry for you with both your daughter and DIL on the front lines, and your husband too. My prayers that they will all stay safe. I think you did the right thing taking your grandkids in, even if it is tiring, and what precious memories they will have.

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    • Thank you Joni I know in my heart it was the right thing to do. I am so worried and my mind won’t stop wandering. We have had no problem adjusting with the kids here all the time (except that nasty homeschooling lol). The kids have adjusted well too although they miss their mom. ❤️

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  2. What a lovely breakfast and note! A beautiful way to start the day.

    I hope you and your family will remain safe and in good health. You are doing a marvellous thing with the grandchildren. They are all very lucky to have you. 🙂

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  3. The breakfast and the note are so sweet as is their wanting you to be able to sleep in. Kindness is being taught and passed down through the generations. You are blessing them and you are blessed!💜

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  4. Aw that was so very sweet of her!🌌
    Your family is amazing and we all thank them and so many other people working during this time. 💕
    Stay strong and stay safe.

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  5. Your post breaks my heart Diane. I know there are so many families in the same position and it is hardest on the little ones who don’t always get it. I visit with my grandkids on video chat and on Easter, drove over and sat in my car so I could watch them do an Easter egg hunt. I pray all the time that this will end and reunions can take place. Stay strong, stay safe, my friend.

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    • Thank you so much Carla. I’m afraid things will never go back to normal as we know it but we will change and adapt like people always do. I’m glad you got to see the Easter egg hunt but I know how hard it was not to hug them. You stay safe as well Carla. ❤️❤️

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  6. Oh my goodness… you have so much on your plate! But how lucky for your family that you and your husband are able to help them as they help others. Happy Mother’s Day!


    • It is all worth it! We love being here for our family. That was the main reason I retired early. My husband just works 20 hours a week to provide us with health insurance. He actually retired early too but we need health insurance. He’s such a trooper!

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