Five Blade Herb Scissors Review


For Christmas I received this Five Blade Herb Scissors because I grow my own herbs. Before, I have always used a sharp knife to cut my herbs. Cutting them with a knife isn’t difficult but after using these herb scissors since Christmas, I will never again use a knife. I had a good feeling about herb scissors when many of my follows told me how much they loved theirs. There are five blades which make cutting herbs five times faster.



I love that the scissors came with this case to protect the blades, but it also is used to get the cut herbs out of the blades making clean up so easy.



I was shocked that the scissors cut green onion so well, even the white end! The type of Herb Scissors I have is Endurance but I would think any brand would be just as good. I give the Herb Scissors a 5 out of 5 and I was not compensated for my review.

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  1. Very cool – my mom ordered a pair of scissors that looked like that to shred documents before we got our shredder … it actually worked better than the shredder and I’ve not used the shredder in ten years at least (more clutter) as it made so much noise!

      • Yes, my mom would cut up all the bank records, etc. and just a few cuts would do many pages at a time. I am bad about using the shredder – in a big Rubbermaid container … ten years of it … my mom did all that after we got the shredder about 15 years ago … probably I’ll go to a shredding event as I got too much of it now.

  2. Thank you for the like. We live and learn something every day. Those herb scissors should be quite handy. I have a fruit knife that works better than anything else used to peel potatoes or slicing. Take care now.

  3. Did not know they existed but can see the point dear lady .Cleaning them may take the time. Unholy storm in the night but I slept through to find garden chairs and greenhouse far end of garden.Bit of a shock I can tell you. However all is good once I start after coffee and honey cake.

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