Peanut Butter No Bake Cookies


Peanut Butter No Bake Cookies were a new cookie I added to my Christmas list last year. I thought regular chocolate No Bake Cookies were good but these are equally as delicious! If you love peanut butter and cookies you must try these easy cookies.

To see the step by step directions with a printable recipe card click HERE.


  1. You’re invited over for Christmas. Anytime for that matter… just bring lots of cookies 😁

  2. Diane – I know you blogged about your new stove as I remember you saying it had a confection oven and you might have to adjust your cooking times. Are you still liking it and what brand/model did you get? Is there much difference in cooking times? Is it electric on top? I am looking for a new fridge for my new kitchen and thought I might get a stove too as both are 20 years old, and I like the idea of the convection cooking faster, as my old stove is very slow.

    • Joni I have a Frigidaire electric range. I am embarrassed to say I haven’t been brave enough to try the convection oven yet. I am told you turn the temperature 25 degrees less than the recipe calls for. Also that it cooks 25% faster. However, with cookies it is only going to be a minute less if any at all. You can fill all 3 racks with cookies and they all turn out perfect because of the heat blowing around so maybe I will get brave and try my Christmas cookies with it this weekend. I love that when I do use the regular oven it is very accurate to times on the recipes, I have never had that before. I love the burners on the top but occasionally have to clean it with a razor blade, but it is spotless when I do and no messy drip pans. I love the 5 burners and the fact that I can turn the burner on according to the size of the pan. The burners cycle on and off like a thermostat, not sure why they did that but it doesn’t seem to affect my cooking. The burners get hot almost instantly like gas and there is a light that stays on telling me the surface is hot. It goes out once it is cool enough to touch. I taught the grandkids to always look for the “Hot” light. I dug out the receipt and it says Gallery Smooth Surface 5-Element 5.7 cubic foot self cleaning True Convection Freestanding Electric Range model LGEF3046T. I really only bought it with the convection oven because it was on sale and almost the same price as one without. I hope this helps. ❤️

      • Thanks Diane for all the information. I did go to 4 appliance stores today just to look around. But I want a counterdepth fridge so it doesn’t stick out as much and there wasn’t much on display in the stores – I guess I have to go online. I want my fridge and stove to match, and am not sure whether to stay with Maytag like my dishwasher or another brand. I may wait until later, just wanted to do some research and be prepared in case it quits. Sales rep said many of the ranges come with confection ovens, and I like the idea of it cooking faster as my 20 year old GE stove cooks slow. If a recipe says 30 minutes I’ll have it in for an hour, so even 25% faster would be good. My electric range has the smooth top which is quite messy after so many years of spills, even with the special cleaning fluid. I’ve never tried using a razor blade on it. But hopefully they have improved them in 20 years so they mark less.

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