Asparagus Soup


I know it is getting warmer outside and not really soup weather, however, this soup needs to be made when the asparagus grows in our garden………..when it’s free! It is the best tasting Asparagus Soup I have ever tasted and I make it every year. I tore this recipe out of a magazine years ago and have modified it into this recipe.

Click on the link below to view the step by step directions with pictures and a printable recipe card.

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  1. This sounds so good! Asparagus isn’t my husband’s favorite, I’m always trying to find different ways to prepare it so he’ll want to eat it, soup sounds perfect. I have a bunch in the fridge so maybe will be trying this one this week 🙂 Thank you!!

  2. I love asparagus so I am pretty certain I would enjoy this soup any time of the year. Thanks for sharing. Hugs

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