Monkey Bread


Who doesn’t love this gooey cinnamon Monkey Bread? It’s like eating freshly baked cinnamon rolls without all the work. I made this in my cast iron bread pan but any bread pan will work.

According to Wikipedia, Monkey Bread was named this because it is picked apart when we eat it just like a monkey does with their food. The name has definitely stuck because it has been called this for as long as I can remember.

This bread can also be made with brown sugar sprinkled all over the top before baking. You can make a white frosting and drizzle it all over the top after baking. Any way you fix it, it is so good!!!

Click on the link below to see the step by step directions with pictures and a printable recipe card.

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    • I am one of those strange ones that doesn’t like nuts… I have put brown sugar on the bottom does that count? 🤣😂🤣 Anyhow, that is a great way to make this especially if you like nuts! Thanks for sharing a great tip!

  1. This is so nostalgic for me– It was our favorite special treat growing up, but I haven’t had it in years! Thank you for sharing, Diane!

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