Tortilla Bites


Kid friendly Tortilla Bites are made with your favorite meat and cheese. They are wonderful to make up and store in the refrigerator for the kids and adults to snack on. Making them with a color contrast makes them very appealing. Great as an appetizer, snack or even a meal. Tortilla Bites are nice to serve for a party or any other type of get together because they can be prepared ahead of time.

Click on the link below to see the step by step directions with pictures and a printable recipe card.

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    • I eat these, uncut, almost every lunch! Hope you didn’t get too bad of storm. I took my client out of town an hour away and had to drive home through the storm…..ugh!

      • They looked delicious Diane. I was lucky and was looking at the pics of the two tornadoes we had in mid-Michigan. They were more severe than predicted … one was weak (EF0) and the other one (EF2) took off a few roofs, demolished three homes and a barn and some other tree/car damage – no injuries or deaths, but scary. That rain was just torrential – guessing that is what you had to deal with driving home. Ugh indeed. We might have some snow tonight/tomorrow … not measurable, but after yesterday in the 60s, it makes no sense.

      • Yes we seem to get almost identical weather patterns! We are expecting an inch by morning. No tornado’s thank God! Glad you made it through the storm ok!

      • Yes, thankfully that weather is over – hopefully for a while. Four tornadoes in Michigan and not even tornado season is not to my liking.
        I went out this morning to walk and got caught in a bad snow squall – came home and went back out a half-hour later… all gone! The weather is wacky for sure.

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