Easter Deviled Eggs


Don’t just color the egg shells for Easter! Surprise your family with these colorful Easter Deviled Eggs. There is no change in the taste by coloring them this way and they sure do turn out beautiful. Make extra because they won’t last long!

Click on the link below to see the step by step directions and the printable recipe card.


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    • You’ll love it, so much fun! I will never forget when my daughter did this the first time and I had never seen it. The only thing is she cut the eggs the wrong way but they were still beautiful!

  1. This is what we do with our colored easter eggs! We don’t use our actual decorated eggs for the Easter egg hunt, we use plastic ones filled with candy and little bits of change. So after the hunt, we whip up deviled eggs using the dyed ones. They aren’t as brilliantly colored as yours because the dye seeps through the boiled eggs when we color them, but they still have an Eastery effect. Yum!

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